got a life?

we spend hours in this one building. we take walks to the lake, ride a bus to town, and eat ice cream whenever we get a chance (once for this little girl). we play volleyball (well, they play), sit around campfires singing, and talk for our social times together. most afternoons are full of homework and scrambling to get our Sport Points in. we wake up every morning, eat breakfast and then make our way to the lecture hall (even on sunday mornings).

and we love being here.

i didn’t even realize how “small” my life has become until this afternoon everyone was talking about ONE thing. the new boy had arrived — one of the last students and the one who was supposed to have come a week ago. once it was announced that benjamin smith had walked through the door with luggage in hand, the school was a-buzz from the excitment. everyone was asking questions. how old was he? what did he look like? what was he like? would he fit in and would we like him?

to my horror, i found myself in the middle of it all doing my usual thing — making jokes about the situation and finding myself so funny that i’m laughing the hardest. it was just funny to see what a stir something so small created.

i guess it’s the little things in life, eh?

7 thoughts on “got a life?

  1. Glad you are loving it — and I hope everyone concluded that Benjamin Smith will fit in. What scrutiny!

  2. That is funny. I remember in high school when a new kid would come and we all were excited and wondered what “group” that person would fall into. I think secretly we all wanted to save that person from the other “groups.” Especially us not so popular, who needed more numbers in our group. We wanted to save them from being too cool, like you…lol. Oh and now you know I was grouped accordingly…as a loser! Sheesh why am I telling you this?

    I am truly a LOSER now.


  3. *I am a post behind when I say this but L, you might be the only person from NY that they ever meet so what I say is go all out, thug it up. 🙂

    I won’t lie, I was supposed to get a chance at line dancing when I was in upstate so I know it goes on, ‘fess up, you know all of the moves.


    Volleyball might be fun to watch, but it is amazing to play. You should try.

  4. I miss you soooooooooooo much!!!!

    I love reading your posts. It helps me to feel like you’re still right here with us, in ‘urban’ Madrid, NY!


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