today is thanksgiving. 

my family will be slowly waking up in several hours (it’s still one ‘o clock in the morning back home).  i’m guessing the parade will be on in the family room, everyone going in and out to see the favorite acts that will march past macy’s.  the turkey will smell yummy and everything will look quite fall.  they’ll eat together, maybe play games, and mostly talk a lot.

and i’m here.  in Germany.  thousands of miles away from them and six hours ahead. 

but that’s okay.

yesterday i sat in this room, only i had a phone to my ear instead of being on the computer.  a little voice said at the other end of the line, “why can’t you come home for christmas and thanksgiving?” 

i could sit here and be miserably upset all day, but i don’t want to do that.  it’s still thanksgiving and although it’s just another normal day here at bodenseehof, i don’t want to ruin the whole thing.

1.  i’m thankful for some decorations up in my room to remind me that it is thanksgiving.
2.  i’m thankful for a bit of candy corn left that i’ll finish today.  sure, it’s not pie, but it’s still fallish.
3.  i’m thankful for friends here and friends at home.
4.  i’m thankful for a family back home that i love such an incredible amount.
5.  i’m thankful for the internet so i can see pictures and communicate without waiting a few weeks inbetween each letter.
6.  i’m thankful that i am going home for christmas.
7.  i’m thankful that i have a God who supplies all that i need.

i’d just like to wish you all at home a very…


my RA came up to me yesterday and asked, “do you have a sister named Liana?”  i said yes and wondered why she was asking.  my RA loves the christy miller series (she actually knows the author) and was bored that morning so went to the website and found something a “Liana from Madrid, NY” and written.  crazy!  what are the chances she would stumble across something a sister of mine wrote on the internet?  you should check it out (she’s the third girl down).

5 thoughts on “thanksgiving

  1. happy thanksgiving (or “thanxgiving” hehe), louissa. i miss you lots and cannot wait for christmas so i can see you again!

    do they have a German equivalency to thanksgiving? the canadians had theirs last month. craziness. my suitemates and i already put up a christmas tree in the suite. i can’t believe it’s nov 23!

    love you.

  2. Happy thanksgiving to you, too!

    I’m still not feeling the best, so was up to take some Advil. Hopefully it will kick in so I can sleep and then get up again to stuff ol’ Mr. Turkey!

    The crowd is small — we invited lots of international students but they are all busy elsewhere. Perhaps with the way I’m feeling it is just as well. Poor Aunt Judy. I haven’t been much company so far!

    Hope your work goes well. We’re counting days here until you get home!


  3. thanksgiving is really over — today was the afterglow of leftover turkey and pie, and lazy hours of visiting. we had a special time, but we missed you the whole time. our dear, sweet louissa… come home soon!

  4. It is primarily in the province of Quebec that French is spoken — it is their official language there. And Quebec is a relatively small portion of Canada. That would explain the little French spoken by your Canadian friends.

    Miss you still. Today will be clean-up your rooms day and dust off the instruments day, and maybe read some King Lear day.

    Be blessed in your studies, in your friendships, and in all you do!

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