exciting times here at “the bode”

before i came here one of my wisdom teeth was starting to come in.  as of a few days ago, i think another one is joining as well or coming in more and the right side of my face is throbbing.  since we lack anything new to talk about around here, something like this is a phenomenon.  well, we really use anything to add a bit of “newness” around here.  we’ve quickly gotten tired of asking the same typical questions (how did you sleep?  what did you do this afternoon?  how’s your bible study project going? and are you enjoying the lectures this week?).  you should have seen the ruckus i caused when i straightened my hair the other day.  one of the boys even said to me, “louissa, you forgot to curl your hair this morning!”  yeah, everyone was a bit confused.

a few nights ago my wisdom tooth were being shown to those interested, which meant most in the room since something like this is truly exciting — yes, they were several people peering into my mouth.  and yes, it is a rather odd experience.  most gave the typical response of, “oh, that’s wierd” or “that looks strange”.  but there was the one girl who said, “it looks like a baby being born!”

and then it was my turn to be weirded out.

6 thoughts on “exciting times here at “the bode”

  1. How are you? I haven’t stopped by in a long time. I guess I had thought that you wouldn’t be updating for some reason. Glad to see that you are! Everyone here clearly misses you. P.S. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your hair!

  2. Yikes – thats no good that your wisdom teeth are coming in over in Germany. Should we schedule an appointment for them to get checked out during your break?

  3. beans — i went to the dentist right before i came here, he saw that they were coming in, and decided to take another look when i get back in april. just remind me to reschedule my appointment that’s in march for april when i’m home, k? : )

  4. someone thought you curled your hair everyday? whoa, i wonder what he thinks the average girl is really like! hahahaha…

    yes, i’m ashamed to say that dad did have to help me out of the mess. cause he’s got nothing else to do but get me out of messes, ya know.

    can’t wait to see you!

  5. does that mean you’ve been thinking of your favorite dental hygienist? miss you a lot, wease! come home and never leave again 🙂

  6. I’ve finally caught up on all the ‘blogs. (Of course, I started with yours last night… but there are so many places to go from here!)

    I miss you.

    I’m glad you write.

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