i’m here. i’m home. surrounded by the people dearest to me.

and for the first time, i don’t really feel like writing. why would i when the people i write for are right here with me?

i’ll just let you know that i love my home, i love our christmas decorations, i love my tree, i love holding the smallest one in the family, i love hearing the seven-year-old sing usher as he skips around the house, i love putting on my make up and talking to my drummer boy while he sits on the toilet, i love driving to potsdam to go grocery shopping, i love american hot chocolate, i love laughing with my family, i love hugs, i love hearing our princess talk so well, i love having my chubby red-headed boy smile at me (and i love the gap in his two front teeth), i love hearing sisters play piano, i love seeing how everyone has changed, and i love the snow that has come and gone all day.

i love a lot of things right now. i have a lot of good things. He has blessed me.

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  1. That is great your home! YAY. I always miss my family and I am in the same Country/ State as them. Well I should rephrase that, I live in the same state as my mom and dad and brother. My two sisters are in different states and my grandma is in Florida for the winter.

    Well I hope you whole Christmas season is great!


  2. welcome home! just the thought of you being there, brings a smile to MY face 🙂 i’m glad you’re enjoying your time. and thanks for writing for the rest of us. I do so enjoy reading your blog. thanks.

  3. were you at daniel and brietta’s tonight for family dinner? becuase i was walking around madrid before coming back here to ottawa and thought that you were probably there, but i didn’t want to interrupt. well, i take that back. i really really really wanted to interrupt so that i could see you, but i decided i could wait until this weekend. i cannot wait to see you. i’ve missed you sooo much. i’m so glad that you’re having fun at home. 🙂

  4. Louissa: whenever you get your pictures “enhanced” from last night, send me a group shot. I’d like to have a copy.

    Abby: you should have stopped in! We always welcome another!

  5. its a good think you like hugs becaus you are gonna be getting a lot. i love you so much louissa. i missed you so much. hey i know you were are really busy while your home but can we talk one on one sometime.. i would really like that. Are would really liike that!

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