we sat for two hours and forty-five minutes just so that we could see beyonce and keith urban both sing.  it was by far, the cheesiest tv show i have ever sat through and watched.  after sitting through one show americans would never turn it back on.  i don’t know if that means that we’re just picky people who always need to be entertained or just have standards as to what we allow to be broadcasted on our national television.  i don’t know — but i was bored to tears the whole entire time until i watched beyonce sit there with a german speaking host and look quite confused the whole time and when keith urban came out and played his hit song right now… it was wonderful.

i’ve not watched one football game this season.  today everyone will be watching the colts vs. patriots game.  and i wish so badly i could be there.

oh well.  it’s just a game, right?

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  1. Well, probably not everyone — I didn’t even know it was going to be on!
    Tomorrow we fly if all goes well. Love you…

  2. i can’t believe you’re going to be so close to me! have a lovely trip, mumsie! tell daddy that i love him heaps and heaps.

    i love you!

    p.s. try to not lose your luggage. it kinda rots.

    p.s.s.  why i didn’t just send this via email is beyond me…

  3. We received your note today. I am so glad the package arrived safely, I was second-guessing my decision not to insure it or have some sort of way to be sure it made it to it’s destination. We cannot comment on the main computer but we do keep up with your adventures on a regular basis. It is fun to see/hear how God is working in your life!

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