an answer to my sister

you asked me if i’d want to go.

yeah, i would.  we’d drive nine hours together and at some point you’d make me sit in front of the steering wheel as you sleep.  i’d listen to one of my mix’s and you’d wake up to be surprised at the length of it.  we’d arrive at a hotel hopefully earlier than 3:00 in the morning, but we’d sleep just as hard.  we’d visit starbucks regularly and probably go to the mall at some point.  we’d laugh lots — because you’re so funny and because i’m so silly.  we’d sit with all your friends from that year you spent away and i’d feel rather outside the group because i didn’t experience everything you did, but i’d want to be there because they are part of your world.  there would be laughing and talking and coffee and lots of driving and maybe we’d even pay attention to the football game (but mostly the commercials and half-time show).  i’d spend a weekend with you and that would be the most wonderful thing about it.

so yeah, i’d like to go.  when are we leaving?

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