silly me

i could delete my previous post, but that would cause questions, so i’ll just let you know that i’ve never felt so shallow or so silly until hitting “publish” on my previous entry.  i wondered how it came across — after all, you don’t know how much K-5 is a family to me — and wondered what conclusions people came up with. 

but anyways, all that to say that the dinner was completely innocent and i hope that no one thought ill of me.  perhaps it was rather shallow of me to actually post about something like that and i apologize.  this is when one starts to seriously reconsider this whole blogging thing… : )

while we on such shallow thoughts though, i’ll let you know that i have one of my favorite songs playing here.  don’t be fooled when you think it’s over, the song really gets going after the first ending.

and on a more serious note… i watched Martin Luther tonight (a virus is going through Germany and our principal, who was supposed to lecture, has been sick and in bed all day like many students) and had a deeper appreciation for what he did now that i’m in Germany.  it was amazing.

5 thoughts on “silly me

  1. oh breezie, i knew that you were teasing! and you can tease all you want — i know what you think of me. : )

    i love you. don’t feel bad. tease away.

    i’m so glad you love me.

  2. Thanks. the guys in eroupe are wearing pearls too….right? ;). I understand the term “fashion disaster”


    *I think your last post was fine, valentines day is a great holiday for all to enjoy.

  3. It’s okay Louissa. not once did i take that last post in a wrong way. i knew what you were trying to say

    i love you and you should be getting your letter soon if you haven’t already


  4. I loved your comment. Well, the part where you told everyone you would blow us away with your coolness- that was tacky.

    Good for you that you’re having such a good time. You’re right, you do have a great family there AND back home. Thank God. He is so good to us, isn’t He?

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