every now and then i go back here to have a bit of fun reading over what i wrote at age fourteen and fifteen (have i mentioned that i leave childhood behind in a few days?).  i was so silly, so shallow, and so passionate about being a better person.  most of them the public can’t see (diaryland did that for some odd reason), but i found it interesting that a few of my last posts i mentioned someone who i had talked to.  both times it was chris.

they are here and here.

4 thoughts on “oldies

  1. “they all thought i was ridiculous as i spent thursday night trying every outfit on that i was to wear this past weekend. to think that i tried them on and then sunday morning i put my sunday outfit on and i didn’t like it.”

    I remember that night. : )

    miss you louissa.

  2. yeah, little side note – when “we” were talking about “our” weddings it wasn’t ours together, it was just if either one of us ever got married.

    yeah, that could’ve been awkward. : )

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