times change

mr.weatherman is rather confused and our seasons are a little backwards here on the bodensee.  gone are the days when we’d sit out on our balconies in shorts and tank top working on homework and hopefully taking in some sun.  now we sit inside and watch the snow fall — such big flakes and coming down so quickly.  it’s beautiful right now to look outside and see, but it messes a bit with my head.  i woke up this morning and wanted to sing christmas songs.

the mumsie and the daddy left this morning.  i stood by the door and waved as they drove away.  they left me and that’s never happened before.  i’ve always left them and that’s how it’s suppose to work.  it made me feel rather strange to experience this. 

i had a wonderful time with them though and i’m so thankful for the fact that they were able to come over at all.  austria is beautiful and salzburg and vienna are now two of my favorite places.  our days were filled with mozart dinners and viennese concerts, palaces and old forts, shopping and lots of food.  but the best was that i had so many days with my parents.

thank you all for the birthday wishes.  i’m nineteen now and it doesn’t sound all that old anymore.

a few more days and school will be over and more people will leave me while i stand by the door and wave goodbye.  more change… but i’m learning to accept change as it comes.  it’s not always bad.  this change will be difficult.  oh, i’ll finally be able to watch movies, have my lights out as late as i want, and be as lazy as i wish, but the school won’t be filled with all the people that are so dear to me here.


10 thoughts on “times change

  1. It will definitely be different for you when the school is school no longer.

    And I thought about you last night, about you staying behind with Mom and Daddy leaving — hope it wasn’t too sad.

    Jameson finally fits into his cool clothes from auntie weesa. Oh my goodness, he looks so cute. I’ll take a pic next time.

    I love you. So much!

  2. are you so sad to have them gone?! was thinking about you today and wondering if you were feeling as empty as i always felt when you guys left me in my pgh townhouse…

    love you.

  3. I usually don’t mind leaving – it’s being left behind that kills me. This time I hated the leaving. Miss you already. Sorry you had to stand there on your own. Guess you’re growing up…

    Loved our days together. Treasured memories for sure.

  4. i miss you so much.. i keep one thinking that you just turned like 21 or something… all the sinclairs look older then they really are…

  5. seems that weather everywhere is a little out of the ordinary… i’m not very fond of it 😛
    i can’t believe you’re done with school so soon! it sounds nice… maybe i’ll go to university abroad. enjoy your newfound freedom 🙂
    love you.

  6. actually, the only boy name i’ve come up with in the past 2 days is liam broderick (means unwavering protector; brother). daniel likes it, but he thinks it’s weird because i have a cousin named liam. i was like, “uh, my dad and his cousin share a name. and your granda, dad, brother, and nephew share a name,” but he said it’s different. i’m not sure how!

    (don’t worry; i’ll keep working on him… provided i decide i really do like the name enough to bother with any convincing. in the meantime, i’ll take more suggestions.)

  7. After reading your post I just had to comment. My mom, brother and I, along with the soccer team Mark was playing for, spent 10 days in the Austria/Germany region. We stayed in Satzburg for the majority of our time. It’s soo beautiful! (As if you don’t know for yourself.) We also traveled to Vienna. Did you go to all the locations from the Sound of Music? My mom made my brother and I dance around the fountain to capture the moment. Granted, we were in our early teens, surrounded by other teens, so dancing around a fountain was certainly not cool. We probably rolled our eyes quite a bit.

    Anyways, just wanted to share that tidbit with you. Enjoy all that old, wonderful beautiful-ness!

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