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the director of the school… who is now my “boss” (weird), is Heinz Spindler.  whenever i hear his name or say it i think of two things.

#1: ketchup.  i think of the best ketchup on the best hamburgers or hotdogs.  this makes me think of summer days at home which end by eating hamburgers, salad, and ice cream out on our porch.  the porch makes me think of everything nice that’s peach and blue and taking naps on the wicker furniture.  the wicker furniture makes me think of the greeness that you look at from the porch and mumsie’s roses that are now tall enough to see.  the roses make me think of her gardens, her love for flowers, and how i always hated working in them.  working in them makes me think of hot summer days, sweating, and the wonderful feeling of showering after a day of working outside.  and on and on it goes.

the next one is a bit more random (and continues on very randomly).

#2:  diana krall.  diana krall (when being brought to mind because of the word, “Heinz”) makes me think of Heinz Hall in the summer.  Heinz Hall in the summer makes me think of babies being born in wilmerding.  wilmerding makes me think of my sister and brother-in-law.  my brother-in-law in wilmerding makes me think of locking the car door (something that is is foreign to me and i always forgot to do).  locking the car door (or not locking the car door) makes me think of another friend who didn’t used to lock his car door either.  my friend makes me think of fermented salsa at home (one of the first things i ever served him).  and on and on it goes.

– – –

i lit my easter egg candles tonight.  i’ve not felt very much like easter, but today i decided that i couldn’t not feel like easter just because i’m not surrounded by mumsie’s decorations or the plans for sunday.  so i brought my candles down, listened to this, and wrote one of the two letters i owe to two of my lovely friends at home.

and then someone said Heinz’s name and i thought of diana, listened to a bit of her music, thought about how strange the mind is for a bit, and am now writing this.  and since this whole post is me rather rambling on and showing you how my mind works, i’ll let you know that now i’m thinking that a movie and bed sounds pretty good right now.  so i think i’ll go do that.  but before i completely go, i’ll let you know that the last song i listened to made me think of her, trips with the family, and talking about wedding songs.

Don’t go changing, to try and please me
You never let me down before

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  1. Love hearing from you. Have a wonderful day and plan lots of fun for Easter. Don’t forget to set up your little box with goodies and open your card and enjoy your present! Love you…

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