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it’s warm here.  i’m not sure what it’s like at home, but the sun has made my skin a bit pink, the air smells like fresh cut grass, and all the flowers are in bloom.  i drove home today and noticed all the blossoming trees, the sheep with their faithful shepherds nearby, and all the wonderful old buildings in each town.  it’s beautiful here.  i’m starting to understand why everyone who comes to Germany says that it’s the most beautiful place they’ve ever been and today i decided that a bit of paradise will resemble Germany in the spring and summer.  it’s amazing.

for four days i sat in a small recording studio in the warehouse of a glass house company.  most of my time was spent sitting on the parking lot and praying that my palms weren’t resting on any shards of glass, sitting on a cushioned chair in the parking lot, laptop on my knee, facing the warehouse so that i could see what it was that i was watching, and sitting in the room where the guy who records the music is (you know, the room with the mixers and all that stuff).  it was most entertaining to be in there since with the glass that separated the two rooms, i could watch someone stand in the recording room looking like a real idiot as they shook a tambourine for four minutes straight. 

but then again, i shouldn’t say anything since i spent a bit of time in that recording room singing into a microphone and playing the keyboard while concentrating so intently on the metronome coming through the monitors that i probably looked rather strange myself.

yeah, we just recorded a cd. 

i was tempted to end the post like that and leave you so impressed with me and what i’m doing over here, but that would be rather like deceit and since i try to stay away from things like that, i’ll be a bit more honest.  yes, we recorded a cd, but don’t go on thinking that we’re an amazing band.  lets just put it this way:  i’ll probably send one home, but once i return home, i think i’d appreciate never having to listen to it again.  yeah, i’m that good. 

but it was fun to make.  you know, i felt kinda cool.  : )

7 thoughts on “self-titled album

  1. hey guess what? i just learned a song that Julia wrote as an audition for American Idol’s search for the best original song and I am going to the studio to record this weekend — just like you did!! I am a touch nervous because I don’t generally like the way I sound recorded… which means, maybe I wouldn’t be a fan if I heard myself sing in real life either.


    Miss you. Did you get my email? I am DYING for a response! I have another really, really funny story to tell you!

  2. You’re allowed to feel cool because… well, you are cool!

    It’s good to hear about your experience, and also that you are loving Germany. Sounds truly beautiful.

    And, no. Not quite the picture of beauty here – yet!

  3. hey louissa 🙂 your really lucky its so nice in Germany, i wish i was there. it’s been raining a lot here & its not that nice warm rain we get in the summer that i like to stand in just for the heck of it. its cold and bitter and makes you feel all clammy when it falls on your face.

    it’s neat that you recorded a cd! i can’t wait to here it, and Julia & Carina sound awesome, be looking for that song on American Idol 😉 by the way, i think you should have ended you post with “yeah, we just recorded a cd. ” -thats really impressive & despite what you say, your a great artist!

  4. I had the most vivid dream about you last night– like you were here again.

    And now I miss you so much today.

    …Less than 5 months until we see you again!!…

  5. Hi, that is awesome about the CD- Hey, send me your tele and I will give you a call about May. We are going to be here those dates and would love to have you visit. It is amazingly hot down here in Italy. I am having to water my plants twice a day and it is only April!!!!!!!! Scary thoughts for what things are going to be like in June. Can’t wait to chat.

  6. You are undoubtedly, unmistakingly, and unarguably
    the coolest thing since sliced bread.
    And thanks for sharing your experience!

  7. can I jump in on the studio discussion, some days I hate my demo and others I love but I especially hate it when people in the industry find out I have and want to hear it on a day when i am not loving it.

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