corinne bailey rae

this is me never hearing any new music besides Dave Barnes and Shane and Shane (nothing against them, but for me they’re not all that inspiring).  this is me playing my music over and over again (wondering many times why i left Jame Cullum at home), trying to ignore the Relient K i’ve been hearing for the past six months in various other rooms (again, nothing against relient K, but it’s just not my thing).  for the past month everything i’ve heard is bluegrass and i’ve actually learned to appreciate it, but that’s not quite what i was wanting either.

this is me now listening to her (well, the little that i can).  yeah, this is what i wanted.

2 thoughts on “corinne bailey rae

  1. i love her. i’ve only ever listened to a couple of her songs. she played at the grammies and it was so cool. she was mom’s favorite. =P

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