last night i was in the lecture hall playing some worship songs.  a friend came and asked if he could play guitar with me.  i said yes and after a few songs the following conversation followed:

“man louissa, you’re so pentecostal.”
“what makes you say that, matt?”
“the way you drag songs out.  they just keep going and going and going!”

yeah, sometimes i kinda give myself away.

4 thoughts on “conversation

  1. sometimes those are the best kind of songs. it can be so relaxing and worhsipful. maybe he is so … baptist or something b/c he just keeps songs short-you know sings them through once or something. 😉

  2. Miss you. Miss hearing your worship sprinkled throughout the day and night. But I remember it, and you just reminded me again.

  3. Louissa,
    My little girls can’t wait for you to come home and teach them how to play piano… which actually means they like the way you worship.
    “..why do you want louissa to teach you? she sings so wonderful, she loves god mom… ”
    You keep it up…. how you express yourself in music is straight from your heart. I am sure the other young man has his own relationship w/ the Lord….
    Perhaps he needs to know why you do that?
    Miss your bubbly smile…
    Oh, and we are moved into our house now.. sure wish you could have seen it in December…soon.

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