i’m here – really, i am.  i’m just busy and when i’m not busy i’m just tired.  right now i’m not busy so i’m just tired and really can’t think very well right now, but here, it’s an update on me.  ready?

i like to be right.  i like going into something knowing that i’m right and the other person is wrong.  i like proving to them that they’re wrong and that i’m right.  and that is just horrid.  but man did i feel good when i told someone that they have actually only been to two boroughs of NYC — not three since Long Island is not a borough.

and i’m a dork of a daughter.  i didn’t call my mumsie yesterday.

but hey, i ate the best dessert tonight.  that’s pretty cool, right?

2 thoughts on “me

  1. Are you kidding? I cried when I read your card! It was wonderful. I am a blessed mumsie, indeed!

    Thanks for the post. I know you are busy. Just a line or two is so much fun!

  2. Miss you to, it’s strange not having you home. Oh, if they think playing from the congregation is cool they should see me play from behind the curtain. (which is technically on stage) Then no one can see the place from whence that off beat cometh.

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