little things…

– someone just walked through the door with a motorcycle helmet on their head.  unfortunately the door was locked so they had to unlock it which caused me to hear them coming and made me turn around to see who it was.  i just looked at him and said, “sorry, was that supposed to scare me?”  he just sighed.  sometimes i’m such a disappointment.

– yesterday i found myself in a paddle boat with three other scrawny thirteen-year-olds.  i wore my docs and a rainjacket since it was sprinkling now and then and everything was in a fog (who goes out on a lake in those conditions anyway?).  half-way through our half-hour out on the lake i decided to never go with little girls again since you end up being the only one who actually paddles while little boys chase your boat and the little girls scream at you, “schneller!” so they don’t get soaked by said boys.  not to mention, i get sick on paddle boats.

– yesterday i went to Monkey Mountain.  i don’t know why each Konfi group goes there — it really isn’t that interesting.  you pay €6,50 to walk through a path with a handful of popcorn and feed these apes who aren’t all that nice looking and their hands sure do feel weird.  all they do is sit and feed on popcorn and even though butterless and saltless popcorn isn’t supposed to put weight on, these are the fattest monkeys i have ever seen.  it’s gross.

– tonight we played games and most of them were outdoors.  they’re the kind of games that when i was younger i would have hated — those relay games where everyone can see how awful you are at whatever it is you’re doing and it’s you’re totally embarrassed.  yeah, but now i’m just in charge of them.  i get to explain the game and then watch as no one can do it.  it’s much more fun this way.

– so pretty much, after typing all this i’ve realized that i work at a camp.  i hate camp.  i never went and never wanted to go and now i work somewhere that’s so close to a camp it’s sickening.  what’s even worse is that i enjoy it.  i love what i do here.  my, how things do change.

– today i walked down to the lake with a book in hand.  i passed a daddy and his little girl and the daddy was trying to teach his little girl how to ride a unicycle.  she looked the way i do when i try to ride a bicycle (do i need to remind you that a unicycle only has one wheel while a bicycle two?).  yeah, i’m a loser.

– i’m learning it’s okay to tell Jesus when i’m feeling a bit undone.  why have i always thought that i must have everything together?

4 thoughts on “little things…

  1. you’re working at a camp . . . you go girl! you watch. you’ll come back and want to work at some camp up in the adirondacks all year. i’m sure we can find something for you up there ; )

    i’m glad to hear that things are still going well with you. question. have you had the opportunity to perfect your rowing technique? ; )

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