it’s 9:20 pm.  i’m freshly showered and am wearing my pink striped pajamas.  i feel the same way i used to when i was eight, was bathed the night before church, and was allowed to go and watch tv for a bit before bed.  i’m not sure how often i actually did that, but somehow the few times were special enough that whenever i shower in the evening i remember that wonderful feeling.

i guess you could say i’m being anti-social.  almost everyone is out of the building and i sit here.  this is the third time in the last week and a half that this has happened and it’s almost been surprising to me, the sanguine who usually does anything to be with people.  i know, it’s terrible.

i didn’t used to like pineapple.  it has recently turned into my favorite food and today, after only eating toast (at two different times) and a piece of banana cream pie, i’m craving this favorite of mine dreadfully.  i’m afraid that if i possessed the ability of such a feat, i would quick like a bunny go to the grocery store down the road, purchase the said fruit, and eat the whole entire thing.  i then would be quite content.

The Nehemiah Project had a concert last night that wasn’t here at Bodenseehof.  pictures, fun pictures, were taken and are here.

3 thoughts on “life

  1. Thanks for the pics – love them!

    And, yeah, we had a fun time. And, yeah, we missed you, too. Guess when you get back you’ll have to hit Nancy up for your own overnight!

  2. yeah. this post made me miss you.

    because youve been gone for so long without actually coming home to visit, it almost seems like youve moved away, so i tend to forget youll be back in just a couple of months. i am getting excited. it will be great to see you. 🙂

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