aubrey paladin

i have a new favorite niece.  a new wonderful, beautiful, darling niece.

go here for pictures, details, and specific ways that you can pray for her.

3 thoughts on “aubrey paladin

  1. She is beautiful.

    I even got to see her fly over in the night sky as I was coming home.

    I was also thinking how huge the sky looked yet, where that little blinking light came from there was a little girl, who I believe, is going to prove Gods greatness.

    we’re praying,


  2. Zach,

    Don’t know if you’ll come back to read this (are you zach smith?), but I thought that was the coolest thing — that you got to see her flying. AND I thought your observation of how vast the sky is but how important that little speck is to God — so neat. I could totally picture it, and I was moved just imagining.

    It’s so, so, so wonderful to know the Lord.

  3. i am so happy to hear that she is doing better, and that brietta is now able to be there with her. we’ll continue praying.


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