dis ‘n dat

everyone said i was the perfect one. i guess perfect because i can admit that i’m learning one mistake at a time.

and i made a mistake. a big mistake.

so i’m in charge of our church bulletin. yeah, you know the rather unimportant piece of paper that no one really pays any attention to until the one sunday that there is a problem and suddenly everyone is reading it and pointing out the problem. the one thing that takes way too much time every week and every time i’m folding it i’m reminded of the good ‘ole days when my daddy used to call me into the conference room every sunday morning and ask me to fold the weeks bulletin. yeah, that one.

…i’m folding the bulletin again every week… i guess things really haven’t changed.

but i’m getting off track — which generally happens when i tell a story which then makes people tune me out which isn’t very good for the well-being of everyone involved in the situation so i’ll try to better this time.

so i made this weeks bulletin. and i thought i had it altogether. and then as i was folding it i happened to notice that there was something wrong with the very first page.

this sunday isn’t september 23, is it? yeah, i didn’t think so. great.

so there i sat with all these copies made and i refused to fix it and make all new copies since that would just be a waste of paper that kills trees and cost more money than you ever think it should — so someone suggested i take a black pen and try to fix the date. so i started to do that. about half-way through my pile i realized that now it didn’t look like any number. it was more of a black little smudge on the bottom and was calling attention to a mistake that if i had just left alone no one would have noticed in the first place. i mean, who actually looks at the date anyway?

now i’m stuck with seventy-eight bulletins with black scribbling on the bottom and seventy-eight with the wrong date. neither one is very professional. now that i’ve made this dreadful blunder, i’m bound to remember it from now on and it’s comforting to know that something else is bound to be looked over next time. but hey, we’ll always have the correct date on our bulletins!

and i really can’t believe how long a simple little story like this has turned out to be. bulletins can hardly be that interesting, right?

for those of you who did tune out because my stories are so long and i go into such a ridiculous amount of explaining, you can now un-tune out and proceed to the next section.

– – –

every now and then i like to look through my old photos. i did that tonight and i found out the most bizarre thing ever. in my flickr, the second most popular picture is at 274 views. but this picture has received more hits than any other picture i’ve posted and it’s passed the 1,000 mark.

why that picture?

when i really think about seeing her little boy, i think about these three wonderful days a year ago. do you know how excited i am that she’s coming and bringing her baby?

and this picture continues to be one of my favorites. im not gonna lie — we be rockin’.

6 thoughts on “dis ‘n dat

  1. One of my first bulletins had the same blunder, Louissa. And after all of those years of thinking, “Man, who reads this, anyway?,” I foudnd out, like you, that a shocking number of people were at least checking the date on the front!

  2. haha. my dad just told me to cross out the time of an event advertised in the bulletin because they changed the starting time from 6:30 to 7:00. he then wants me to rewrite it in.

    this is just going to be one swell looking bulletin.

  3. My least favorite part of the job was the bulletins….a necessary part I know, but folding them is soooo time consuming. Many was the Friday night I brought them home to finish folding and bring them back for Sunday morning!

  4. google images for “madrid new york” and look at the first one. 😉

    i’m coming home on thursday and i cannot wait to see you. you’ll be around over the weekend, right?? 🙂

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