maybe it’s the colors – red, orange, and brown. maybe it’s the scents – apple, nutmeg, and spice. maybe it’s the sound – the crunch as you walk by the once bountiful tree. or maybe it’s what my mumsie makes out of it.

fall is one of my favorite things.

and what i really mean is fall at the sinclair house is one of my favorite things. it’s one of those things that i tell everyone they shouldn’t miss. who wouldn’t want the dinners, the candles, the mums on the porch step, the evenings of quiet and still?

my daddy and mumsie have a home – have made a home – that i like very much.

2 thoughts on “fall

  1. Thanks, Weesie. I like the candlelit evenings at home with the oven baking up some spicy treats as well. Cozy!

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