last pictures

today a button fell off my camera. an important button just popped off which now prevents me from taking pictures
sad day.

but you know, she (the camera) was busy today and there are pictures from my wonderfully fun day that i still have. at least i can look at my pictures!

my family has turned into faithful soccer fans and today we headed out to watch another one.

and after that we had a girls party at the best salon in the world. hair was done — we changed hair colors, laughed, listened to music, and i almost killed all my brain cells by the chemicals i requested to be put in my hair.

and now that i’ve shared with you the pictures from my day, i will look into sending my wonderful baby to be fixed.

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  1. *Hey Jason called me and asked for some help with some wedding selections, is this the same wedding, on Saturday? If not I am uploading as many Wedding/ Clean-an-Fun/Christ-like-ish songs as I can and I will hook you up with my account name and password and you can then just take them from there, k? I am having some issues with my cd-rom drive or I would have just sent you a a whole load of songs before now.

    Hit me up and let me know what the deal is,


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