hair issues

i have come to the conclusion that i desperately need to purchase my first hair “appliance” and buy myself a blow dryer. my winter cannot continue the way it’s been going these last two weeks.

every morning, approximately forty-five minutes after i shower, i put a scarf, gloves, my coat, and a red hat that has a blue pom-pom of sorts that sits at the very tip on. yes, i walk around town with a huge blue ball sitting on top of my head. remember, i only do what’s hippest and most current.

every morning i walk the fifteen minutes to work. at first it was refreshing, invigorating, really, one of the most productive fifteen minutes of my day. now the better part of me has to tell myself it’s all those things because the bad half is saying that it’s cold, annoying, and a plain old nuisance. by the time i reach the top of the driveway my good half can’t really put up much of a fight since at that point i can’t feel my legs since i tend to be overly concerned about layering the top half of me and forget about the bottom (my thin chinos just don’t cut it in this weather).

every morning i arrive to work and promptly pull off the red hat with the sorry excuse of a blue pom-pom on top, ready to retire it for the rest of the day. the hat has been able to keep my ears and top half of my hair warm, but the strands left to fend for themselves have become frozen globs of hair that feel rather strange in my tingly fingers.

every morning i try to revive my hair to it’s usual state but have give up when i realize that the hat worn for fifteen minutes has flattened the first four inches of my hair and the rest doesn’t know what to do with itself since i let it freeze.

every afternoon i put my hair in a pony tail because it looks so psychotic. my hair, which is quite confused at that point, doesn’t know what to do besides stick straight up. isn’t gravity supposed to affect even on your hair?

every afternoon i have a “fountain” effect on top of my head. so pretty much, for the few hours inbetween the hat coming off and the hair going up is the only time i don’t have something that resembles a pom-pom on my head.

yes, it’s time to buy a blow dryer.

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