decaf tea anyone?

yesterday at 6:30pm i was challenged to go 40 days without coffee.

day 1.  9:24am.  very tired.  and is that a headache i’m feeling?

this could be a long 40 days.

2 thoughts on “decaf tea anyone?

  1. The headache will subside after 2-3 days. After that, it’s smooth sailing. A steady supply of analgesic of your choosing should help you through the next day or two.

    When I fast, reading Isaiah 58 and remembering Jesus’ 40-day total fast help me keep my discomfort in perspective. Do it all as unto the Lord, and He will give the strength to fulfill your commitment.

    The Blackbird Cafe’ (in downtown Canton) has some very satisfying herbal tea varieties. A favorite of mine is North Country Morning. Perhaps a switch in beverage will yield a new pleasure?

  2. What a cost it will be, but the outcome will be so wonderful, won’t it. I am standing with you and the headaches will become less and less and only for a while. Think of you often.

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