i wear shorts and tank tops as much as i can hoping to delay the coming of cold weather.

i walk as much as i can, knowing that soon i won’t be so inspired to go outside. and really, that’s the only exercise i get everyday.

i listen to this song. all the time. i put it on repeat. most of the time. just ask the person i see the most.

i play the piano a little bit more. i was told to. and now i’m remembering the joy the comes when it’s just me and the ivories.

i stay busy. i was also told to stop that. “loosen up your schedule.” i don’t have to zap fry my pop-tarts in the microwave yet, but it’s pretty bad.

i sit in a chair in the shade and look at people who i’m so glad are back in the area. they won’t always be here. but they are now. and i want to savor that.

i cut out joseph figures for 12 little people i’ll teach tomorrow. and the lovely thing? i love doing it.

i sit in my own sanctuary. a side porch. just me. a candle and a lamp. just me. crickets in the background. did i mention that it’s just me?

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  1. missed you tons tonight. even now, as I am laying here in bed and you are sound asleep next to me, I wish that you could have been with me today on my international trip. that would have really made it all the better. love you.

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