tonight i excitedly told a table full of people i love so much, “i feel like the old louissa is back!”

there was no more being bogged down by life, seasons, busyness, exhaustion, and everything else.

we danced to the Julia Marie Band. we laughed at each other, jokes… people. we took pictures of silliness and good times. we told stories. we sang along to country love songs on the way home.  we stuffed our faces with pizza while being asked to quiet down by our waitress.  we squeezed four in a back just so we could all be together.

we had fun. real good fun.

and it was good.  good for me.

One thought on “fun.

  1. What a great bunch of friends! You all look like you had such a fun, fun time. God will continue to lead you through your joy, the ups and downs, just everything. Let him consume your heart, as I’m sure you do, and no matter what each day brings, you will find peace all because of HIM. Love you, Nancy C.

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