the nothings in life

it’s quiet in this house.  the rarity of that makes it all the more priceless when it happens.  candles are lit and many curl up on a couch, chairs, with blankets while watching Kung Fu Panda.

cranberry bread is made, sweet potatoes have been prepared, two apple pies sit on the buffet, and two pumpkin pies are in the making.  the beginnings of Thanksgiving Day at my simple yet wonderful house are the best.

i ate sushi tonight and watched while it was prepared at my kitchen table.  there are five korean girls staying at my house tonight and spending this wonderful american holiday with us.  whenever we’ve spent Thanksgiving under the red roof there has always been extras at our table.  i’m really thankful that i grew up like this — always sharing, always opening up our door to others, always ready to set another plate at the table.  that.  i like that.

i’m thankful for many things.  one of them?  a friend who encourages me to continue trusting, having faith, and encourages me to be the woman that i’m supposed to be.  and the best part?  that friend will be a brother-in-law in one month.

oh.  and i’m thankful for the most talented sister ever.

the Julia Marie Band is awesome.  vote for her to win.  vote every single day.

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