stuff and nonsense night

the house is quiet.  quiet besides the soft drone of the ever-going washer and dryer tucked away in the corner.  it’s just me.  me and this large place that is usually all bustle and noise.  you’ve probably never been here all by your lonesome self — and i can’t tell you the last time that i experienced it.

i love it and i feel lost all at the same time.  i fold some clothes.  play a few worship songs.  change the loads in the washer/dryer and put new one in.  sew button onto favorite black & white coat.  fold some more clothes.  plug rechargeable camera batteries in.  plug cell phone in.  look at how long the drive is from madrid, ny to atlantic city, nj.  fold some more clothes.

i go away for the weekend tomorrow.  i pack up my parents minivan with a few bags, guitar, and mandolin and leave with a sister.  we’re being put up in a hotel, being given the option of a different car to drive once in the city (maybe we’ll take ’em up on the offer if it’s a sweet ride), and i’ll be her roadie (maybe?  gotta come up with some reason for why i’m also present.) while she goes to a ritzy Christmas party and entertains with melodies about snow, mangers, starry nights, rudolph and red noses, and all those jolly things.

sounds like fun, right?  it’s the benefit of having an almost-kinda-famous sister.  i get to getaway and pretend that i’m rich for a weekend.  i have no qualms about playing rich — i even considered coming up with some fantastic story for myself since i’ll be mingling with interesting people.  after all, will they even understand what a church administrator is?

no.  probably not.  most people who go to evangelical churches don’t understand.

i’m a dreadful liar so it would never work though.  and i’m actually a horrid “play rich” sort of person.  just ask my sister who i went to a spa with.  i’m sure the whole five hours of sitting in a sauna, steam room, and getting a swedish massage and facial, i looked like a complete imbecile who didn’t know what she was doing.

anyway.  this is all nonsense and not really about anything, which can be the most boring post to read.  i’m sure it’s been caused by the fact that there is no one around and i’m used to having someone around to talk to — even if just a lot of small children.

so i guess i’ll go.  there are always more clothes to be folded.

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