sunday night.  lounging on the parents bed.  feeling completely wiped.

yup, that’s me.

i’m tired.  i went on a bit of a road trip this weekend.  a 32 hour road trip while i stopped by 2 different places to say a quick hello.  and i was all by my lonesome self.  actually, i wasn’t very lonely.

okay, so i was when my car was empty, i was 2.5 hours from home, and i realized that i didn’t have my debit card on me and there was only the pathetic amount of $11 in my wallet.  i was very, very lonely right about then.  lonely because after sniffling and crying on the phone with my mom while i was told what to do i walked into the gas station to wipe my nose and everyone gave me strange looks.  lonely.

and i was lonely when my drive home which should have taken 5 hours took longer because i realized 45 minutes into the drive that my GPS was directing me through Canada.  who goes through Canada to get home?  yup, add another hour to my drive.  lonely.

but it was also a lovely 32 hours.  i slept well in a quiet house, had a lazy morning of tv and eggs, sat in a park, talked and talked and talked while hanging out with all sorts of super cool people, and enjoyed my chance for a quick get-a-way.

i’m gone a lot.  i feel rather spoiled.  or just single.  obviously it’s not because i’m an independent strong person since i still call home crying when i run out of gas and have no money.  but whatever it is, it’s rather fun.

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