she says that sometimes i can look elegant.  but really, i’m a rather awkward little girl still.  i wear jeans and t’s and big pearl earrings because american eagle tells me that’s cool.  i can’t do my hair and sometimes i think that i can hardly put makeup on.  i don’t wear heels often because i’m told i look strange when walking in them and really, i’m much more comfortable in my rocketdogs.

but i do so like the idea of being elegant.

i want this:

it’s partly because it was showcased in this series and it looks so good.

i keep telling my sisters that some day i’ll be rich.  i haven’t quite figured out how i’m going to make all the money, but when i do, we’ll go to spas and eat rich food and have girls outings for pedicures and i’ll wear silk dresses and be grown-up and elegant.

it just sounds so heavenly.

3 thoughts on “someday

  1. you are elegant. just not in a real simple house wife kind of way. which isn’t a bad thing. at all.

    if you buy the dress, can i buy the shoes? =)

  2. so i saw the movie tonight. you know. . . THE MOVIE. And the part when she introduces her sister to her sister’s future husband. yes, that part. with those silk dresses. And then I began to think…hmm, when was it my dear girl began all her talk about silk dresses? Ah yes, the day after she saw THE MOVIE.

    Yes yes. American Eagle and Julia Child. We know your true influences.

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