little things.

i don’t have much to say these days…

i watch my bird.  a lot.  i’m not sure why i’m so fascinated by a small yellow thing but i am.  and she’s loud.  like really really loud.  i love it.

the US Open is currently taking place seven hours south of us.  and the tv is on constantly.  for a family that’s not too into sports we sure do take our tennis seriously.  nadal, federer, venus (who names their daughter that?) & serena williams, clijster — we throw these names around like they’re our best friends.  and then after sitting on couches watching game after game, cars leave the house full of individuals carrying their own cheap $20 walmart rackets as they try to replicate what they just watched.  i love my family.

i went away yesterday.  i took a day off.  as much as i love my weekends away, they exhaust me.  all the running around, trying to pack much into so few days — you come back more tired than when you left.  but a day where i sleep and go somewhere with no set plan and with two darlings who are content to relax in silence?  it’s what this tired soul needed.  i found myself thinking when i wanted but with no pressure to figure out any of the world’s problems right then and there.  and then sometimes i did nothing at all with my head and felt no guilt for not analyzing everything nonstop.  it was all so very wonderful.

i read this today.  she’s one of my favorites.  i turned to the pretty face i see every single day and hoped out loud, “someday, i want to be as good as ann voskamp.”  i won’t ever be as deep a thinker as her or have a life exactly like hers and i’m okay with that.  but the goodness?  the ability to find joy in the mundane?  looking for God in the ugly and broken?  i want that.

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