perfect world?

i live in the north country.  this dear ‘ole place comes complete with funny accented people, no shopping, struggling businesses, foul smelling air from large dairy farms, four restaurants to choose from, an economy that turned sour long ago, absolutely miserable weather — and yet, so many love it.  i love it.  i know people who have only heard about this place and the warmth of those who live here and have decided that it’s the best place on earth.

fall has wrapped its icy fingers around my world and i watch as everyone starts to hunker down for the long months to come.  thick socks, turtlenecks, moth ball smelling sweaters, color, space heaters, candles, and cinnamon invade our lives and we deem them good enough to keep us going although goosebumps and stiff backs are our portion for six months out of the year.  if we were unable to turn this time into such a homey experience i’m sure there would have been a pilgrimage south long ago.

but these things — the color and smell and blanket-covered evenings while watching a movie with all the loveliest people — these are the reasons everyone thinks my world is so perfect and idyllic.  but really, there is as much pain, suffering, want, frustration here as there is anywhere.  the real reason you think everyone here lives the perfect life is because i’m surrounded by those who are able to take the small joys and illuminate them.  i’ve been taught to find reasons to be thankful and put my focus there.  i’d like to say that this place is special because of these abilities, but i think the Lord can do that in anyone anywhere.

so wherever you are, pull out a blanket, turn on a fall-ish Soundtrack (“Little Women” & “Sabrina” are my favorites), light a candle, make an apple pie, push aside the negatives of life, and enjoy it with the best people in your world.

then you’ll have a taste of my idyllic blessed life.

One thought on “perfect world?

  1. You are so right about the fall-ish Soundtrack of “Little Women,” I never thought of that as fall like but you are right. I will have to listen more often. I love that movie and the music is so warm you can nearly feel the fire place before you. Will check out “Sabrina.” Oh and I love the picture you painted of all the fall things to do for cozying up! Very nice!

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