tid-bits of the learnings.

he asks the outrageous question, if you wrote a book what would it be called?  his questions do always tend to be on the unrealistic-and-way-too-crazy-for-this-dreamless-person-to-consider which is why, of course, they’re good questions to ask me.  and like most, i shrugged it off.

what would i even write about?   after a few more moments i knew that i’d write about myself.  yes, i’d write about my own story.  after all, everyone knows that someone who can put up photo album after photo album of mostly their own face on facebook is certainly in love with themselves.  how can someone who is so egotistical write about anything else but their own wonderfulness?  or even if they say their life is too dull, you know that they really think their dull life exactly what people want for entertainment because dull=simple and don’t we all crave simpler lives?

this is only a blog — not a book — but i don’t think that after writing the above i can really tell you how wonderful i am or say that my life is too boring.  so what shall i write about?

everyone knows i work at my church office.  that’s not new news, but it wasn’t until i started working at a church that i realized how weird some things are.

like every single time i have to publicize an upcoming Baby Dedication i scratch my head and try to imagine what a perfect heathen would think upon hearing of such a thing.  child sacrifice anyone?

i realized that i’m unable to use the word “charismatic” unless referring to a type of church.  sorry, all charismatic personalities out there, but it doesn’t matter the context of the conversation, all i can think of when hearing that word is barking men & slain in the spirit women covered by tablecloths.

and although i always thought this just a nice tale, i’m convinced there really must be church mice.  really, there must.  i can’t tell you the number of times i’ve left chocolate, chips, or candy on my desk (which is in my office located within my church) only to return the next day to have it half gone or worse — all gone!  since i know people wouldn’t do this to a nice little office girl, i know there must be mice coming and getting my goodies and sometimes it’s a bit frustrating.  and don’t they know i’m really a nice person and will probably share some of my goodness if only they would ask?  perhaps you can give the message if you ever cross paths with one of my church mice.

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