munchkin goodness

whenever you need some fun in your life, just gather my little munchkins up and spend time with them.  if you’re having a hard time getting them to spend time with you, just offer them chocolate.  and if you promise chocolate, you’ll probably be able to get a kiss out of it.

and then they get chocolate.

and they love it.

and they make a mess.

oh!  you’re wondering if that’s the scarf i’ve been working on?  that’s so kind of you to have noticed!  yes, i just finished it last night and wore it today.

but back to the munchkins.  once the others hear about chocolate and untie mouissa’s cool computer that takes pictures, they will come and giggle and have so much fun sprawled across your bed.

and it’s so much happiness and so much fun.  you really should try it at some point.

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