tomorrow is new

friday has the reputation as being the opportunity to go out, expend large amounts of energy, and slip into oblivion until noon the next day.  if that’s how you’re supposed to celebrate the end of a work week, i haven’t figured out how people manage it.  my own friday nights are starting to have the reputation to be my granny nights.

i find that i have to drag my feet home as i finish up another work week.  i tell myself to keep moving, tackle the few small jobs that need to be done around the house, and then slip into pajamas at 7:00 and do absolutely nothing productive until i fall asleep at 10:00.

i love them.  that’s how i celebrate five more days done in my blue room.

today was long.  in fact, i pretty much hated most everything about today.  it started out bad, continued bad, and although this evening is wrapping up to be nice, it doesn’t erase all the earlier badness.  the really bad thing in all this?  i was the reason for it.  every selfish bone in my body decided to act out today and i found myself weak trying to fight against it.

i walked out my front door at 8:45am already hanging my head in shame for the way i was acting.  i could blame it on the fact that as my alarm went off i touched my aching forehead and stiff neck and whispered, “Dear God, what happened to me?!”  i could blame it on the fact that i was left with the end of our pot of coffee which equaled not even half a mug of hot goodness.

but they’re not the reason for the frustrated words and poor attitudes that haunted me all day.  i am.

yeah, today was long.  i’ve never been so excited about starting afresh the next day.  i like the idea of a second chance, a fresh slate — whatever you want to call it.  and mostly i like that i get to prove that His mercies really are new every morning.

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