another time

i have a million saved drafts here in the private workings of louissa.com.  some i deemed not clever enough to amuse while others revealed too much of the soul for your eye to see and so they were never published.  but they’re here.  someday i’ll go through them and find amusement at unfinished sentences, long ramblings of frustrations, and confessions that no one should ever know about.

but until then they stayed stash away in storage here in my corner of cyberspace.  blogging really is a rather strange self-centered sort of activity.  but some say i make them smile and i brighten the day so how can i stop indulging myself by writing when all this goodness is coming from it?

i have nothing real to write tonight.  my eyes are too heavy and my brain slowing down.  my legs hurt from running and my bruised limbs are asking for more intake of iron (strange i know, but i am a unique being).  and so i’m going to turn my lights out, burrow underneath layers and layers of blankets, and pray that some other night i’ll be inspired with something to amuse and brighten.  for now, i need refreshing slumber and sweet dreams to carry me away.

2 thoughts on “another time

  1. I can’t save drafts in xanga so I have an ongoing draft in gmail of unposted blog posts, half finished ones, ideas for new ones, title’s with no messages… messages with no titles. things not witty or funny, things to personal, etc.

    and yes. keep writing please & thank you 🙂

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