thankful things (with pictures)

i have much to be thankful for.  photos to illustrate my items of thankfulness are so much more entertaining.  so i used my handy-dandy cell phone to try and collect a few throughout my last 24 hours.

1. my rock star sister.  she’s been driving around the states for the last few weeks in a bus full of other musicians.  yesterday was the last show she was playing in so the mums took all her “younger girls” down to pennsylvania to watch and bring this rocker home with us.

2.  the mums who took us.  and suggests ideas for her bored daughter to try.  and asks how life is going.  and listens to as much beyonce and ke$ha and shania twain that her crazy girls want.  and drives quietly hour after hour as we they giggle and screech out noises that girls in tight quarters should never screech out and is generally amazing.

3.  the crazy girls who giggle and screech and are fun and cute and my favoritest in the world.

4.  a reminder of my mornings in germany.  can life get any better?

6.  shoes.  i love shoes.  and i love cute shoes.  and i love flats.

7.  summertime sun warming this girl on april 5.  i’m not sure i’ve ever loved life so much.

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