saturday in my world

today was spent around the house.  well, okay — so i was gone from 9:00-3:30 — but it felt like i was home for a good long while!  i’m tired and hot and very glad to put pajamas on at 9:15pm and think that the day is almost over.

want to see some of what i did this afternoon & evening?

i spent a lot of time in the kitchen.  i cut up fruit for a salad the family shall eat tomorrow.

i made a berry cobbler of sorts (also for tomorrow).  it’s the kind where you take whatever fruit you might have on hand and toss it into a baking dish and then you try to estimate how much topping you’ll need for however much fruit you just threw in.  to say that the cobbler i pulled out of the oven could use some more of that topping would be an understatement.  i guess i’m one of those who has to stick to the recipe.

i spent some quality time with brushes and rollers and a gallon of paint.

this is the second saturday in a row (wow, my weekends are starting to look alike) i’ve spent a bit of time in my parents bedroom trying to help the transformation the mums has been working on for a over a month.  we’re trying to cover her khaki and brick red walls with the lightest pistachio you can imagine.

there were boring chores that required me to use cleaning products like these:

and i am that sister.  these are my brother’s clothes that i folded:

i found myself feeling rather beat and wanted to do nothing else but relax in front of an X Files episode.  guilt from not running once in an entire month hit me though and i decided i had to go out and do just that.  i’m not sure i’ve ever had such little faith in my entire life.

this is my little faith face (and yes, i look that tired because i am that tired):

a whopping one mile later i made it back home as red faced and breathing as hard as i did one month ago when i ran a 5k.  why in such rough shape?  it could have something to do with what i ate today.  if i told you what that is exactly, you’re arteries would surely clog immediately and diabetes would instantly plague your body.  i am a very unhealthy person.

go big or go home.  so i’m going big at attempting to right my dreadful lifestyle.  refined sugars and white flour only on sundays until i learn some self-control.  hold me to it, folks.  hold me to it.

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