lesson learned

i lasted two whole days.  two whole days of fruits, vegetables, and today a whole wheat tortilla with lentils and brown rice.  but when i arrived back home to a small tray of cookies with the words “To Louissa, From Lisa” written on them, i felt conflicted to the very core of my being.  should i eat them?  i couldn’t let them just sit there, but i could hardly give them away to other family members.  they were my cookies!  i decided that exceptions must be made and this seemed like an opportune moment for just that.

and here is the tale of the cookie eating:

one evening i felt a wee bit special.  someone heard i was craving cookies, made some, saved a few for me, and dropped them off at my house!

the only proper way to consume a cookie is with a glass of milk for dunking and i made sure i had a big one.

all this made me happy!  white flour, refined sugar, and chocolate!

unfortunately, this doesn’t end altogether that well.  i quickly learned that feasting on too many cookies and a large glass of milk might make your tummy feel a little funny — especially when consumed in mere minutes and at 10:30pm.

i think i shall let the others finish the rest.  tomorrow i shall eat my fruits and veggies.

2 thoughts on “lesson learned

  1. After all those fruits and veggies you were well prepared to tackle all that white flour and refined sugar. As for the chocolate, well I’m not so sure it’s all that bad:] I agree with Liz, you are the cutest!!!

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