the fall

want to know what i dislike most about myself?  my knees.  i dislike them immensely — always have and probably always will.  they’re chunky and lumpy and don’t even have the normal ugly knobs that most have.  my knees are just blobs in the middle of my legs.  so it’s only right that if i was to, say, injure myself and have one part of my body swell, it would, of course, be my knees.  that way they can be even larger blobs and i can dislike them even more than immensely.

whatever rumor of a funny story you might have heard following today’s church service is true — i did the one thing i have nightmares about (seriously).  i tripped in front of too many people while holding my two year old niece and took the full force of the fall squarely on my knees (falling with a child in my arms is the nightmare — not the landing on my knees).  yes, child was fine.  she smiled at me as we laid on the floor and after i got up she promptly put up her hands for me to hold her again.  and yes, i was completely embarrassed while acting cool and trying to laugh it off.

i console myself by saying that it’s just one more “louissa fell” stories to tuck away for moments when people want entertainment.  ever hear about the time that i fell on the dance floor of a wedding reception?  the real embarrassing part is that it was a very empty dance floor with only me on it and everyone else seated in tables surrounding the dance floor.

but we don’t really need to get into that.

the point of all this is that i must be in need of learning a lesson about wasting energy on such vanity as disliking my knees.  i’m seated with my legs elevated right now and will go get ice for my swollen and even more ugly than normal knees right after this.  it’s all such silly nonsense — this tripping and falling and swollen knees and the wounded pride especially.

you shall not get a picture of the bruised knees.  i haven’t been able to get past my obsession of hating them quite yet.  instead, i’ll give you the loveliness of my youngest niece during our poolside afternoon.  we love our claire to pieces.

One thought on “the fall

  1. Oh no! Public falling is the worst. Well..any falling is not fun but, when everyone sees you, is just plain embarrasing. Sorry that happened but, glad you and the child are OK. Thanks for commenting on my blog. We like breakfast for dinner too! We do it once a week, in fact that french toast is what we are having tonite. Let me know if you try it! 🙂

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