the repeat post

it’s been another long one.  i was reminded today that come the end of august i’m suddenly kicked into high gear in my work world.  that just means that my world suddenly becomes work.  from the, “i  know you’ve been busy with work — you’re always busy with work,” i received last night as a friend asked what’s been keeping my days filled, i realized that people get tired of you talking about whatever you do to get yourself a few pennies every week.

but how can you not talk about work when you sit in an office longer than you sleep in  your bed at night (isn’t it supposed to be even?)?

i used the office paper cutter just a little bit ago as i finished the last task for the day.  my heart always beats a bit too fast whenever i have to lift the sharp blade, slide the paper underneath, and pull down the blade in one swift movement to make a clean cut.  and it all rather confuses me.  i use that thing at least once week and aren’t you supposed to get over your fear once you face it?  or am i just the only person that doesn’t work for?

why am i so nervous around this particular cutting board?  ah.  it’s a family favorite story of everyone happily putting together wedding programs for a sister one cozy december evening.  i, with pride, volunteered to man the cutting of paper since i had so much experience and had brought the office cutting board home with me.  too bad i got lazy with my focus after about the 50th program.  i sliced right into my thumb, let out the loudest curse this mouth will ever produce, and then walked calmly out of the room leaving everyone in utter confusion.

the real wretched part?  the stink produced by wearing a bandaid for so long.

i’m pathetic.  the above link (which i found after i started writing this) is about a long workday and the thumb incident.  repeat much?

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currently listening — please mr postman, the carpenters

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