tomorrow is saturday.

tomorrow i shall brunch with friends who make movies and a friend who’s an engineer and a friend who’s a schoolteacher a few states over and friends who are students.  i said i would bring some food with me and a smart one told me what to bring so veggie omelets shall be had.  we’ll drink juice and coffee and be loud and boisterous in a house that used to be occupied by all her darling cute things.  fun shall be had.

tomorrow i shall pack my car with people who want to join me while i set out to the nearest state park to wander through the woods.  i didn’t think nature walks were quite so popular but the number has grown and grown and grown.  hop on board if you want.  we shall be at higley flow state park and i shall be thoroughly enjoying fresh air, leaves turning, and the wonders of moving your legs in a walking motion.

tomorrow i shall eat pizza at our favorite spot with eleven family members.  we shall order pepperoni, cheese, and margarita (that’s a pizza) like always and tell the same family stories that are always brought up because we find them so funny.  we’ll finish our greasy goodness and mosey on over for a musical concert.  we’ll watch a woman sing for two hours who inspires my very soul every single time i see her.  she’s a favorite.  i own her cd.  these are the kinds of concerts i go to.  while all my friends discuss the concerts they’ve seen — dave matthews band, red hot chili peppers, billy joel — i boast of classical and jazz.  anyone else seen diana krall?  well, i have.  and this shall be my third lisa vroman concert.

but all of this is just to say that tomorrow shall be a saturday.  a for real saturday.  it shall really be a day of rest.

and i am so excited!

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