do you need to leave, louissa?

i never know what kind of calls to expect as i sit in the office day after day.  today i picked up the phone to be greeted by a friendly voice belonging to a girl i met about a year and a half ago.  she asked at the beginning of it all, “do you remember me?”  i assured her i did.  the following conversation ensued:

her:  so… you’re still there.
me:  uhh… yup, i guess —
her:  i mean, i thought… well, you see — didn’t you get married?
me:  (much laughter) maybe you’re thinking of a sister?  but nope, no marriage and i’m single.  and yeah, i’m still working here at the church.  i’m on year three actually.

few second pause (which always seems like an eternity when conversing)

her:  do you need to leave?  go somewhere else?
me:  (even more laughter and trying to figure out how to respond)  umm… why?  you know a good place with more fish in the sea?

she told a personal story and then we went on to more official church business.  i hung up and my coworker just looked at me.

“what was that about?!”  she exclaimed.
“apparently it’s time for me to leave and get away from this place,” i replied.

my life is full of awkward randomness.

One thought on “do you need to leave, louissa?

  1. Or did she just wonder if you were free to continue your conversation… maybe she felt her personal inquiries were imposing on your workday?
    At any rate, awkward randomness is always interesting, isn’t it?

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