bebo coolness

sometimes i’m pretty sure my cool factor is quickly taking a nose dive.  come on — admit it — you secretly think i’m a pretty cool person.

if only you really knew me.

not only do i knit the evenings away (“old woman, old woman,” said i!) but bebo norman is my favorite listen.  and yeah, his music is pretty much the most uncool thing in the world.   but i’ll also tell you that through long seasons of a broken heart and heavy soul, his songs have been and continue to be my saving grace.  sometimes the strangest things bring life to a dying spirit.  he’s real.  and honest.  and loves Jesus.

he plays in my office 80% of the time so i thought i would share.  he’s my life soundtrack.

2 thoughts on “bebo coolness

  1. Lookame! Two comments in two days. I’m on a blog comment roll.

    I like this post.

    Bebo’s been a help to me in so many long nights of the soul too.
    But then you know that better than anyone probably.

    I love you.

  2. Girl, me too. “Ruins” is an absolute favorite of mine. So that either means we’re both uncool, or we’re the only ones cool enough to like Bebo. (Who names their kid Bebo, by the way?) So yeah. One of those…you decide.

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