i ran away yesterday.

in the midst of snow and beauty, i hopped in my little blue car with a companion sister, and we drove away.

nutcrackers were met

and hats tried on.

it was two hours of driving there, two hours of strolling streets, eating crepes and drinking coffee, and another two hour drive back.  and it was the perfect run away day.

with her in the beautiful adirondacks.

we imagined a place tucked away in this simple wondrous place.  my love for mountains and snow continues to grow.

One thought on “i ran away yesterday.

  1. when your mama & I drove that route a few short weeks ago, we thought we were goners. amazing how a shift in the mountain climate can change everything!
    BTW, next time you cruise through Saranac, stop in at the vintage antique store in the village; it’s where I picked up my green armchair. pretty fun place!

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