valentine’s day thoughts and other bits.

hello february.  you came quickly and oh-so slowly all at the same time.  you bring one of my favorite holidays.  and no, that’s actually not sarcasm.  valentine’s day was special in my growing years and will hopefully continue to be so.  i’ll give it to you that it’s much more enjoyable when you receive flowers and are adored for an entire day by a person that you adore in return but, even i who have experienced this and understand it, am still favoriting the holiday.

and i do not celebrate singles awareness day.  sorry to all i offend, but i don’t need to walk around with a chip on my shoulder and, in selfishness, turn the focus on my lack and spoil a day meant to celebrate those around me experiencing rich love in their lives.  i guess i’ve slowly realized that not everything is always going to be about me — focused on what season of life i’m in — and at some point i have to put into practice the act of rejoicing with those who rejoice.  the best married couples surround me and why would i not want to see them celebrate the blessed journey they’re walking together?

the day is pink & white & red & all about loving those around you.  i won’t be receiving flowers this year and i won’t be purchasing a sappy card to give someone, but i do love people around me.  i love the people around me fiercely and i’m happy for the occasion to show them that.

take it from my parents who have purposed to make valentine’s day special for their children as they show us their love through a special meal together, candy, and cards with a written note of love from both the daddy & the mums every valentine’s day.  you don’t have to be married or in a relationship to love and encourage those dearest to you and my parents taught me that.

and that’s why i like this holiday.  it’s simply a chance to love on those around me in a more purposed way than i might normally.

and other random news…

they don’t need jurors this week so i’m off the hook for another six years.

my winter blues took full control of me this past friday.  i went to my sister and asked her to remove most of my hair.  i needed something exciting and was feeling like a haggard ‘ole woman.  i’m liking this short thing again.

3 thoughts on “valentine’s day thoughts and other bits.

  1. see? this is why i love you. and i’m glad to spend our favorite pink and red day together this year! we’ll show them singles that it’s a fun, fun day!

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