that’ll do, stats. that’ll do.

i’m one of those strange bloggers who hasn’t cared much about traffic on my site in the past.  after being asked twice in the last three weeks how many readers i have, i decided to finally start tracking views.  the other night i my brother inserted a code from google analytics so i can start counting.

tonight i checked my stats to see what the last few days have to say about the popularity of my site.  i was super excited at the number of hits i get and then i became completely deflated.  the tracker says that most visits last between 0-10 seconds.  shows how gripping my content is.

0-10 seconds.

that’ll do a number on your blogging pride.  i’m thinking that i liked not knowing more.

8 thoughts on “that’ll do, stats. that’ll do.

  1. Just exactly how, I wonder, does the link from facebook look on your stats? If people read it there and comment there, does it look any different on google analytics?

    I Love to read your posts!

  2. It works like this: one checks your blog as often as they can, but only finds new material occasionally. Thus, most of their visits end in “Guess I’ll have to check back again in a few hours.”

  3. I visit, I visit! well really I read everything from google reader, but do come to your site sometimes to comment… like right now!!! and then I see how cute it is 🙂

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