a regular saturday in my world update

– i sat at my kitchen table in pajamas for… basically three hours this morning.  coffee was enjoyed in a slow way that no other morning of the week allows, fruit was eaten, and much conversation was had.  the talkative should-be-brother-and-oldest-friend-of-mine was around and sometimes we revert to our fifteen year old selves who could converse for hours.  those were the days of so much free time…

– after sitting for three hours i decided that i had been lazy long enough.  i threw on unbecoming sweats and my under armour (not be confused with armor all), grabbed an iPod, and decided to try a slow jog.  it’s only been like six months since i really ran — i couldn’t be that bad, right?  ohdear.  i’ve got some work to do.  AND, can it please just warm up?  my throat hurt from that cold wind!

– my dad has always done my taxes.  yeah, i’m that girl who hands him my W-2 form, tells him the measly amount of interest my savings account accrued over the year, and lets him do the rest.  as i’ve watched him become increasingly busy over the last few months, i thought i would make his life a bit simpler by handling this (time to grow up, louissa).  so this morning i sat down to try to learn about filing taxes.  after all, he said mine are easy.  yeah, about that, dad…  i’ll just say that nothing’s really been figured out and he received an email with questions.  so much for making his life easier.

– i need to do laundry today.  you can imagine the difficulty of finding a free washer & dryer with twelve individuals using the same machines.  laundry at my house can get chaotic because of this and sometimes, clothes end up in drawers they don’t belong.  i was reminded of this today already.  just think my underwear and another sister’s drawer.  i wish i could say these types of things never happen, but my dear readers, i’ve had to ask this many times: “are you wearing my underwear?”  at this point i find it ridiculously amusing.

– it’s now 12:30pm.  i have no real plans for the day and i can’t tell you how happy i am about that.  my introvert self thrives on chunks of time at home, able to clean bathrooms, live in sweats, do laundry (with enough time to make sure that my underwear is put away in my drawer), and not be overwhelmed by outside responsibilities.  there — my confession of not being as much of an extrovert as you thought.

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