tomorrow i wake as a twenty-three year old girl.

there’s something so bittersweet about the passing of time and this year, i feel it acutely.

so goodnight, twenty-two year old self.  you were a good year.

2 thoughts on “tomorrow i wake as a twenty-three year old girl.

  1. When I was 23 I:

    Went to China
    Went to Guatemala
    Worked three jobs (I6, Partridge Den, Nanny)
    Moved to Madrid
    Got presbytery for the first time
    Finished T-Center
    Thought I was in love (I wasn’t =))
    Wrecked your parents car
    Experienced grace for the first real time
    Cried a lot
    Made amazing, amazing friends who are friends to this day

    It was a good year for me.
    I know it will be for you.

  2. I loved you dearly when you were 22.
    I will love you so dearly when you are 23.

    It is bittersweet. And you made me cry. I know the year to come will be wonderful for you!

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