next week

dear Next Week,

i’m already looking ahead to you (even though This Week hasn’t even finished yet).  i’ll work five whole days of you (promise) and be quite busy prepping my world for five evening meetings in a row.  i only have four evening commitments before Following Week begins (welcoming some more evening plans), but one one of those free nights, i promise, i shall go into town and pick up a new bike tire.  because Next Week, you should know that i need to pull my bike out.  i’ll be a happier, more energetic person if i start biking and walking to my office everyday.  Next Week, please don’t ask me to suddenly go on any errand trips.  my little blue car will be sitting in front of my house and not at work.  oh! and Next Week, even though you’re pretty packed and the idea of any spare moments isn’t very probable, i really would enjoy some warm sunshine to soak up.  do you think you could pull some strings and get me some of that?

love always,

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