the boys

sometimes i think that i’m the most blessed girl in the world.  actually, most of the time i think that.  and i am.

twenty minutes of outside time with these two?  the best twenty minutes of my day.

it was minutes of singing “Jesus Loves Me” at the top of our lungs.  minutes of exploring woods and stumbling across pricker bushes.  minutes of, “eh hold me?”  (for the record: i’ll hold that little boy whenever he wants)  minutes of hearing about sun screen lotion, playing softball, and why i wasn’t wearing a jacket.  minutes of being a part of a grand world being taken in by two these two little minds.

i wanted to capture the moments perfectly to replay over and over again later on when they’re bigger, not so near, not so squishy, and not looking for an auntie to kiss their head after a tumble.

yes, those minutes today…  best minutes.

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