i’m gettin’ married

yes, dear world of readers, it’s been decided. and since i know you’ve all been wondering i thought i would quickly tell you a bit of delightful information.

in 82 days i’ll be living a magical dream.

that’s right, on october 15, 2011 i’ll be married.  a mrs.  forever living life beside another.

and i am so ridiculously and insanely happy.

has anyone reminded you recently that God is extravagant with His gifts? He is.

i know this and am here to tell.

3 thoughts on “i’m gettin’ married

  1. He is extravagant. And do you know something? There are seasons of pain and emptiness when we can only see that and believe that by faith. We always miss His best when we settle for what we believe is best due to faith that doesn’t believe in His abundant goodness. I am blessed beyond measure to see you partaking of His abundance! Yay, Louissa!

  2. Your smiles light up that picture like the sun on the river!
    Congratulations once again. Many blessings for unity, joy, and the ministry of home.

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